Saturday, 26 June 2010

The importance of science in ESDGC

Ron's session went well on Saturday: "The Role of Science Education for Sustainabilty and (Global) Citizenship in HE - Current challenges and Conflicts". There is always a risk at conference that by the last day many delegates have left and audiences drop away (conferences might be organised better to take account of this, perhaps by putting on fewer sessions on the last day) but there was a decent audience and good discussion was had.The data he's got about differences of attitudes and beliefs about sustainable development between French and Welsh young adults is really quite interesting. Whenever there are differences, particularly over such important issues, it is important to ask why. I believe Ron hopes to take this forward. The wider discussion about how to embed basic scientific literacy (BSL) in curricula is in some ways a familiar issue - e.g it comes up again and again in relation to the problem of enhancing teaching and learning with technology (TEL). I am interested to note that Ron's solution is to address BSL in a context specific way - what's needed by mechanics differs from hairdressers, and differs again from physicists. I have often argued the same point in relation to TEL.So an interesting session followed by some useful discussion and some good potential contacts for Ron.See the PPT for the detailed observational data. Science Pedagogy in ESDGC

And here's the movie in four parts:

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  1. Just catching up on the team activity in Toronto. Looks like it's been a very valuable trip all round - fantastic reports too, growing into an excellent resource.